Joint Medical Awareness Center, LLC

Joint Medical Awareness Center is a newer company, but the instructors have been teaching for a number of years. It has finally came to a point where a company only made sense.

We strive to be top rated instructors and stay up to date on the latest changes and information. We continually look for new ways to present the material in each class, so that no matter how often you take a class you will always be learning something.

Currently, we do not have a store front. This helps in keeping the cost down for the student. We offer a number of courses and supplies we offer. If there is something you would to learn and do not see a class for it, please call or e-mail us and we will try to help. More items will be added in the near future and we will always be looking for new things that may interest you.

We want to be your one stop shop for training and supplies. If you have any questions please use our contact form or please call!

Wilderness First Aid Course

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